Uddhav Thackeray Lambasted On Karnataka Over Naming Of Belgaum Region Threatens To Make It Part Of Maharashtra

Mumbai: Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray on Wednesday accused the Karnataka government of deliberately renaming the disputed Belagavi district to ‘Belgaum’ while the matter is in court, and threatened to make it part of Maharashtra.

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“Despite the matter being in court, the Karnataka government deliberately changed the name of the disputed area to Belgaum. They made Belgaum the second capital where they also held an assembly session. Here, we think about the law but Karnataka does not. We will bring that part in Maharashtra for sure if we all come together,” said Thackeray.

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He further said that in view of the atrocities of Marathi speaking people in the disputed border areas, his government would request the Supreme Court to declare the disputed portion as a union territory as long as the matter is in court.

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“This case is in the Supreme Court and it is our last option. When we have a choice left, we have to prepare very well for it, and we have to win it. If it is not done yet, then I don’t think it will happen anytime,” Maharashtra Deputy CM Ajit Pawar spoke on the matter after today’s meeting.

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It comes against the backdrop of Karnataka and Maharashtra, which have been at loggerheads for decades along their border in districts such as Belagavi, Karwar and Nipani.

The issue of disputed border area has been pending in the Supreme Court for many years. Belagavi, Karwar and Nipani are part of Karnataka and are Marathi speaking people. From the beginning, Maharashtra has claimed these districts, while the Karnataka government has opposed the claim.

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