UP Govt Makes Singing National Anthem Mandatory In All States Madrasas

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Mumbai: The Uttar Pradesh government has made it mandatory for students and teachers to sing the national anthem before starting classes in all madrasas of the state.

This order will be applicable in all recognised, aided and non-aided madrassas.

According to the information, while issuing a letter to all the minority welfare officers, it has been said that the national anthem should be compulsorily performed at the beginning of the academic session in the recognized and aided madrassas of the state.

SN Pandey, Registrar of the Uttar Pradesh Madrasa Education Board, had also issued an order to the same effect on May 9 to all the District Minority Welfare Officers.

According to the decision taken in the board meeting on March 24, the national anthem will be played before the class starts in the morning. After the national anthem, the students will go to the classes. The national anthem will be sung in all madrasas that open after the Ramadan holiday.

Also, it has been said in the order that the District Minority Welfare Officers will have to monitor regularly to ensure compliance with this order.

Minister of State Danish Azad Ansari had similarly said that the government needs madrasa students to be “full of patriotism”.

As of now, there are a total of 16,461 madrassas in Uttar Pradesh and 560 of them get government awards.

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