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UP Groom Enters Bride’s Room Before Rituals, She Calls Off Wedding

Mumbai: A bride in Uttar Pradesh’s Chitrakoot district refused to get married after the groom repeatedly entered her room before the marriage rituals were concluded.

According to reports, the baraat reached the woman’s house in Chitrakoot and apparently the groom was so infatuated with the bride that after the exchange of garlands, he kept visiting her room even before other rituals took place.

Angered by this behavior of the son, the groom’s father asked him not to go to the bride’s room, but the groom did not listen.

The father slapped the groom in front of the guests and the groom slapped his father back.

The matter escalated and the bride decided to call off the wedding when the groom slapped back his father.

The barat returned without the bride and both families decided not to go ahead with the marriage.

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