Urvashi Rautela Clarifies Her Stance After Fans Link Her ‘I Love You’ Viral Video To Rishabh Pant

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Mumbai: Urvashi Rautela recently shared a video wherein she can be seen saying ‘I love you. However, fans were quick to link that video to Rishabh Pant, thereby prompting the actress to clarify her stance.

Urvashi took to Instagram to share a note on her Instagram story. The actress wrote, “Just want to make it clear again regarding my I love you video circulating these days…that it was only from acting perspective & was a dialogue scene not directed towards anyone or from any video call.

Earlier, Urvashi had shared a video in which she can be seen enacting a dialogue. She can be heard saying, “Aap bolo I love you…nahi pehle aap bolo I love you..ek baar boldo..bas ek baar boldoo.”

As soon as she shared the video, fans linked it to Rishabh Pant, and the viral video has resurfaced on the internet recently again, thus prompting the actress to clarify her stance.

The actress hit back at her critics by sharing a note on her Instagram stories. Taking to her Instagram she wrote, “First Iran N now India it’s happening with me they are bullying me. (sad face emoji) just because I never say wrong against anybody. #stopbullyingwomen.”

Urvashi Rautela recently chopped her hair off to show solidarity to Iranian Women’s Protest against Mahsa Amini’s Death.

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