US President Donald Trump Cancels Peace Talks With Taliban, Might Lead To Loss Of American Lives

Mumbai: On Sunday the Taliban said that Donald Trumps abrupt decision to call off peace talks with Afghanistan leaders might lead to a fresh loss of American lives. The peace talks were held with an intention to bring the almost 18 years of violence to an end through a deal with the Taliban leaders.

The Islamic group on Sunday issued a statement saying, “Both the sides were busy with the preparation of the announcement and signing the peace deal but now the US president called off the peace dialogue. This will lead to more losses to the US.”

The US government, however, is trying to build its troops from Afghanistan back home that are in the foreign land for more than 18 years but only after assuring the Afghans have agreed to certain terms. On Saturday Trump cancelled the meeting as the Taliban took up the responsibility of a bomb blast that killed 11 people and an American soldier.

In Washington, Mike Pompeo said that Washington would not reduce troops until it was convinced that the Taliban will not gravitate towards violence. The United States has also called U.S. special envoy for Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad to guide the path forward.

Some of the Republicans openly criticized to let the Taliban leaders set foot in the USA. U.S. representative Liz Cheney tweeted, “Camp David is where American leaders met to plan out response after Al Qaeda, supported by Taliban, killed 3000 Americans on 9/11. No member of the Taliban should set foot there. Ever.”

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