US To Set Arbitrary Deadlines On Denuclearization

Mumbai (Washington) : In an interview, the US secretary of state Mike Pompeo said that they will set an arbitrary deadline for US sanctions till denuclearization is achieved from North Korea. However, North Korea has set the deadlines till 2021.

Those economic sanctions will remain in place until we get to the end, till we get to that final denuclearisation which (North Korean leader) Chairman Kim (Jong-un) promised to (US) President (Donald) Trump he would undertake,” Pompeo told MSNBC in an interview on Friday.

Pompeo will soon conduct another meeting with Kim to discuss on the issues related to denuclearization. Pompeo who is leading Trump’s administrative efforts with North Korea will travel to Pyongyang for meet.

“We’re working on it, but there’s still a little bit of work to do left to make sure that the conditions are right and that the two leaders are put in a position where we can make substantial progress,” he told Fox News in another interview.

“We’re hoping to see progress a little bit each day. We knew this would be a long process. It’s a complicated endeavour. But we’ve made incremental steps along the way,” he said. Also, according to him, it is the first time that North and South Korea have spoken about denuclearisation in a material way.

“They made a little bit of progress. I’m hoping I’ll be back in Pyongyang before too long to make some more progress; and if that’s the case, I’m very hopeful that Chairman Kim and President Trump will get a chance to meet in the near future as well,” he said.

However, America is hoping the best for denuclearization from North Korea side.

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