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Uttar Pradesh: 20-Year-Old Woman Raped By Four Men Died In Delhi Hospital

Mumbai: A 20-year-old woman allegedly gang-raped by four people in Hathras village, Uttar Pradesh on Tuesday morning died in Delhi. 

The woman had been struggling for life for over two weeks with severe injuries, multiple fractures, and her tongue cut off.

The incident took place on 14 September. The woman was dragged from her dupatta to the farm, where she used to go to cut grass with her family. Her family members later found her, brutally injured and her tongue severe. The next day she was brought to Aligarh Hospital with multiple injuries.

Later, she was shifted to a Delhi hospital from Aligarh where she was admitted to the ICU.

According to reports, the woman was from a scheduled caste community, while the accused men were from upper caste backgrounds.

The victim’s family alleged that the Uttar Pradesh police were slow to respond as they had not taken any action unless there was public outrage. “The police did not help us initially; they did not take prompt action. They acted only after four-five days. The deceased woman’s brother said.

However, the UP Police has denied the allegations. The Hathras police issued a statement saying, “We soon arrested one of the accused and managed to get the names of three other accused; we arrested them too.”

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