Violence Is Not The Solution To Any Problem, Repeal New Farm Laws: Rahul Gandhi

Mumbai: Amid reports of violence during the agitation by farmers going for the tractor parade, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday said that “violence is not the solution to any problem” and called on the government to withdraw three new agricultural laws.

He said in a tweet that whoever suffers injuries it is the country which suffers. “Violence is not the solution to any problem. If anyone gets hurt, it will be a loss for the country. Take back antiagriculture laws in the national interest,” he said.

The agitating farmers made their way to Central Delhi on Republic Day, using tractors to carry out rescue operations removed by the police. The protesting farmers arrived at the ITO after breaking the police barricades planted in front of the Old Delhi Police Headquarters and were seen smashing vehicles.

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Several people, including police personnel, suffered injuries during a clash between protesting farmers and police.

The protesters also entered the Red Fort complex in the national capital and waved flags that they were carrying from its ramparts. A protestor also erected a mast on the ramparts of the 17th-century monument and raised a flag which was carried to the spot where the tricolour was hoisted

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The protestors have been protesting on the borders of Delhi since November 26 last year against the three farm laws.

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