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Viral Video: Kili Paul & His Sister Neema Dance To Viral Kacha Badam Song | Watch

Mumbai: Kacha Badam song trend has attracted people from all over the world, Tanzanian content producer Kili Paul, who became a viral sensation by lip-syncing and dancing to popular Bollywood songs, recently sang the song. It seems that he liked the song so much that this time he inspired his sister to dance on it.

In a new video, Kili can be seen dancing with her sister Neema. They can be seen smiling and enjoying the entire dance.

“Since everyone wanted to see @neemapaul155 dance to this,” reads the caption of the post.


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The video shared 3 days ago has gone viral with over 5.3 lakh likes, and Indians were delighted with their performance. Many appreciated her for her amazing dancing skills and filled the comment section with emojis.

Raw almonds became a trend when a peanut seller from West Bengal created a super catchy jingle to sell his groundnuts and went viral on social media.

In one of the videos, a man coming to Bhuban Badyakar was seen singing ‘Badum Badam Kacha Badam’ to attract customers to buy nuts from him. The song was later remixed by composer Najmu Reichat, which set Instagram on fire.

Actors and influencers from around the world are now making dance videos on the viral Bengali song.

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