Was Pressured To Get Boob Job At My Career’s Peak: Sameera Reddy

Mumbai: In a candid revelation, actress Sameera Reddy recently disclosed that she was advised to undergo plastic surgery, specifically a breast augmentation, at the peak of her career. Known for her advocacy of body positivity on social media, Reddy expressed her relief at not succumbing to the pressure to conform to Bollywood’s conventional beauty standards.

“I can’t emphasise enough on the amount of pressure that was put on me to get a boob job at the top of my career. So many people kept saying, ‘Sameera, sab log kar rahe hain, aap kyun nahin’. But I didn’t want something like that inside me,” Reddy shared. She attributes her decision to avoid surgery to being surrounded by supportive company.

While she respects others’ choices regarding plastic surgery and botox, Reddy emphasized that such measures do not align with her personal values. Instead, she focuses on “internally fixing” herself.

Since stepping away from acting, Reddy has found happiness in embracing her natural appearance. She revealed that she no longer feels the need to maintain a façade of perfection. “I said I’ll show my skin when it is bad, I’ll show my cellulite and my weight. This is who I am. I am more grateful for doing this rather than being that perfect 36-24-36 figure,” she asserted.

Reddy also shared that during her acting career, she was frequently urged to use filters to enhance her appearance. Now, free from the constraints of the industry, she proudly displays her “real self” to her followers. “When you show your grey hair, your belly fat, and your stretch marks, someone out there feels ‘there is somebody else like me’ and it takes away the pressure on them,” she added.

Sameera Reddy has starred in several popular films including “Darna Mana Hai,” “No Entry,” “Taxi Number 9211,” “Race,” “De Dana Dan,” and “Tezz.” Her journey from actress to body positivity advocate continues to inspire many to embrace their natural selves.

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