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Watts Group Celebrates Diwali With Underprivileged Kids

The best way to celebrate a festival is by making kids happy

New Delhi:  Watts Group is a notable venture known for its cutting edge tech-related and career-related services in a cost-effective way.

This year, on the occasion of Diwali, the team and its founder Ritesh Watts decided to do a pre-celebration of Diwali with the underprivileged kids. So, the team went to Lakshyam NGO located in the area of Delhi Cantt and surprised kids with gifts, cake, and candies. It all commenced with the introduction of both the team and the kids.

The group distributed candies among the children after conducting competitions of drawing and poem reciting, the kids seem to be so excited and delighted while participating in the competitions. From the bunch of things, the group was able to see the sparkling laughs of so many kids. The group can’t think of the best way to celebrate a festival than this. Apart from this, Ritesh and the group taught them the importance of honesty, hard work, and other valuable habits essential in life. Surprisingly, every kid participated in all of the activities and showed an interest in learning, and in the end, the group had a cake-cutting ceremony.

The group’s motive behind this visit was not only to celebrate Diwali but they also wanted to make a significant contribution to their development. Nothing can be more important than being educated in India.The group made them aware of the free educational opportunities which they are offering and how it can make their future bright. Watts Group is aiming to help and educate children who cannot afford it. Right now, they are offering many online courses totally free of cost as a step towards making education accessible to all.

Ritesh Watts,founder of Watts group said “It was indeed an experience full of bliss and amusement”. With this successful visit, the group is aiming to visit the NGO frequently and work towards the overall development of those children.

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