We Are Happy To Cooperate With Centre, Hoping The Same Sprit From Them Too: Sena Leader Priyanka Chaturvedi

Mumbai: Shiv Sena leader Priyanka Chaturvedi said on Monday that the state government is happy to cooperate with the Center and requests Railway Minister Piyush Goyal to look into all the discrepancies as far as train travel is concerned.

“The way it has been politicized is extremely unfortunate with the Railway Minister and his overnight decision, that within half an hour we need to give him a list of passengers who will board 125 trains with their health certificates, I think it goes against the spirit of federalism that we have been speaking about, and the spirit of cooperation that is much needed during the times of COVID,” ANI quoted Chaturvedi saying.

“I urge the Railway Minister to please take note of all the discrepancies as far as rail travel is concerned. More than 40 labour trains which have gone in a different direction from where they intended to go. The destinations changed overnight. There are also trains which took off from Lokmanya Tilak Terminus and have taken four days to reach their destination fighting heavy traffic on those routes,” she added.

Chaturvedi said that keeping all these things in mind, Goyal should “speak in favour of how things can be better organized and streamlined rather than politicized and all within half an hour from the state government” Details have been sought to be provided. ”

“We would be happy to cooperate with the Centre, but we are hoping the same spirit is also shown by the Centre,” she added.

Her statement came after Piyush Goyal said that the Maharashtra government has not given the details of 125 Shramik Special trains, which were to run in the state on Monday and its passenger list.

In a series of tweets on Sunday evening, the minister asked Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray to provide details but said the state government did not respond to the request till late in the night.
Goyal stated that Maharashtra government claimed to have given a list of 200 trains to Indian Railways.

“It was revealed through TV that the Maharashtra government claimed to have given a list of 200 trains to Indian Railways. But the list of passengers of a single train running tomorrow has not come to GM Central Rail even after following up. Please be pleased to give the lists soon,” he tweeted.

(With ANI Inputs)

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