We Are Not Scared Of Vote Bank Politics, PM Modi Uprooted Article 370 Despite Opposition: Amit Shah

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Mumbai: Taking a dig at the opposition in Uttar Pradesh over their stand on Article 370 Union Home Minister Amit Shah said that the Narendra Modi government is not scared of their vote bank politics and “uprooted” Article 370 despite opposition in the Parliament.

“When a proposal to integrate Jammu and Kashmir with India and abrogate Article 370 was brought in the Parliament, not only did the Congress oppose the move, the BSP and SP also opposed the proposal. People come to Dadri to ask for votes, the people of Noida will ask why did you oppose the move? Is the vote bank politics above the nation? If you want to do vote bank politics, you can do it, we are not scared of vote bank politics. PM Modi uprooted Article 370,” Shah said.

The Home Minister further said that this was possible because the people of the state voted twice with a two-thirds majority to bring PM Modi to power.

“People voted for Narendra Modi twice. I want to proudly say that the expectations that were from our government, PM Modi has humbly fulfilled them. You had asked PM Modi to revoke Article 370, you had not pelted stones. When you gave the two-thirds majority, PM Modi uprooted Article 370 and 35A on August 5, 2019,” Shah said.

“Wherever I have gone in western Uttar Pradesh and Braj area of the state after the declaration of elections, people’s full faith in BJP is clearly visible,” he said.

On 5 August 2019, the government of India revoked the special constitutional status of the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir under Article 370 of the Constitution and abrogated Article 35A which had allowed it to define who its ‘permanent residents’ are and what rights and privileges are attached to such residency.

The former state was bifurcated into the Union Territories of Ladakh (without a legislature) and Jammu-Kashmir (with a legislature).

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