We Need To Take High Jump, No Slow Growth: PM Narendra Modi

Mumbai: The Indian prime minister Narendra Modi on Thursday that India cannot wait long for “incremental progress” and that there is a need of high jump to accelerate development. He said that we’ve taken many small steps now it was time for a big move.

“The country should move forward but incremental progress, for that it can not wait any longer. We have to go for a high jump. We have to jump. We have to change our thinking.” He said while addressing the nation from Red Fort. He said that an investment of Rs. 100 lakh crores will be made to create a modern infrastructure to bring India on par with global benchmarks.

He said that India has progressed a lot and we’ve come a long way with slow steps but there is still a long way to go. India has shown remarkable progress in the Ease of Doing Business index and that India is still progressing in it and the world has noticed our progress.

He said now we have to make the life of common people better. We need to change the way we think he had said. “Ease of doing business is a halt. My target is ease of living so that the common man does not have to struggle for anything related to government. We want to work in that direction.”

“earlier the aspiration was to have a good mobile phone but now people aspire for better data speed. Times are changing and we have to accept that people’s thinking has changed. Earlier people were happy with merely a plan for the railway station. Now people ask if Vande Bharat Express will come to my area.” he said.

He also said that his government has removed all the unnecessary laws to improve ease of living.
“I ask my officers can’t we reduce the interference of government in the day to day life of people,” he said.

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