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We Took COVID 19 Challenge With The Highest Level Of Political Commitment: Dr. Harshvardhan

Mumbai: Union Health Minister D.R. Harshvardhan said on Friday that India led the COVID-19 challenge with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, personally monitoring the situation with the highest level of political commitment and ensuring a pre-emptive, proactive and hierarchical response is.

He also expressed “sincere gratitude” for the efforts of those who are in the frontline of this fight.

“The world is facing an unprecedented disaster, which has so far affected the entire planet, causing 15 million cases and 0.6 million deaths globally,” he said.

“We, in India, took the COVID 19 challenge with the highest level of political commitment. Prime Minister Narendra Modi personally monitored the situation and ensured a pre-emptive, pro-active, and assured response. Leaving no stones unturned to contain the deadly virus from spreading,” he said.

The minister said that India has so far reported 1.25 million cases and more than 30,000 deaths due to COVID-19 and said that India has the lowest number of cases and deaths per million population, out of 864 cases per million and less than 21 deaths per million of our population.

“Our recovery rate is 63.45 percent, while our death rate is the lowest in the world at 2.3 percent,” he said.

The minister stressed that India started preparations long before the World Health Organization declared SAIL a public health emergency of international concern.

“In an effort to reduce the transmission of the disease, India took some very bold steps such as implementing nationwide lockdowns at very early stages. Three consecutive lockdowns required India to build on technical knowledge, laboratory capabilities, and provided the opportunity. Also for building the hospital infrastructure and its pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical interventions, “he said.

The minister said that India has taken all necessary steps on time, including monitoring, strengthening the health infrastructure, capacity building of over two million frontier human resources, risk communication, and community participation.

“I think we did our best and we did well. We are learning and confident to do better in the coming months.”

He called on all member states of this prestigious group to work together and counter COVID-19 to reduce its impact on health and economy.

“I stand here to honor doctors, nurses, paramedics, scientists, journalists, military and paramilitary forces, airport personnel, delivery buoys, and sanitation workers … which are the forgotten roles who are today playing ‘superhumans’. They are our real heroes. Thank you our Corona Warriors. You are no less than God for humanity,” he said.

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