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We Will Make The Indian Economy Stronger From Employment Creation In India: “Rahul Patni Director of Oxy Cabs”

Mumbai: Oxy Cabs will generate more than 5 lakh jobs opportunities in India and help Indian Economy grow stronger. Oxy Cabs model is designed to generate more employment, connect customers with the digital world and reach out to in every city and village of India and cater them the facility of one-click cab booking service.

No matter what the time is, no matter you are in the village or city, Oxy reaches there to serve you and make sure you offer you your best ever cab experience. Rahul Patni.

He further added Oxy cab model focuses on generating more and more employment in India. Rahul and his Co-founder Anup also wanted to do something to help in generating employment in India.

As per today scenario, the drivers working with leading rental car service providers are working just to full his basic livelihood but due to heavy commission and increased taxes on their earnings, it is becoming harder day by day for drivers to sustain and earn enough to pay his car’s loan or his their monthly expenses.

For example – Narender is a driver and he is earning 100 per face. 30 to 35% of his earnings will deduct by the company on the name of commissions and rest will go in running and maintenance cost of the vehicle.

Unfortunately, Drivers don’t have any other choice because they are providing them with employment.

He also said.” With Oxy Cabs, the scenario of rental car service has been changed a lot. Now drivers can think of their full share, and keep 100% fare with them, contrary to the other cab services, charging 30-35 per cent of what a driver earns. For example, if a driver earns Rs. 100, this whole amount of Rs 100 goes to drivers’ pocket.

No commission will be charged from the driver, and of course, there is no target for the driver is set to achieve.

Oxy Cabs takes only a sum of Rs. 1000 monthly as a fee for the application. This is how Oxy cabs, a mobile technology and web platform based startup, has been the organization where trust and relation get stronger with each ride.”

In a conversation with company founder Satyam Kumar, he introduced us with some of exciting features and facilities OXY CABS is bringing to us.

OXY cab is bringing top-notch facilities like providing refreshments in the car for customers during rides, offering short term loan for the driver, catering opportunities for women drivers, offering free training, and providing rides at the 25% lowest guaranteed from the market and much more is yet to come, he added.

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