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West Expands its NovaGuard SA Pro Safety System Offerings in India with the Launch of 0.5mL Standard Syringe Device

West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc. (West), a global leader in innovative solutions for injectable drug and healthcare products, recently announced its latest offering for the Indian domestic market – NovaGuard SA Pro Safety System, a single-use accessory for prefilled ISO standard 0.5mL staked needle syringes.

NovaGuard️ SA Pro Safety System 0.5 mL Standard Syringe Device

With the introduction of the 0.5mL version, West’s award-winning NovaGuard SA Pro safety system is now available for ISO 0.5mL standard and 1mL long glass staked needle syringes. As a product with innovative safety features that help protect healthcare workers and patients from accidental needlestick injuries, the NovaGuard SA Pro safety system can be deployed using a single-handed technique and is designed to prevent pre-activation during handling. Furthermore, the device design facilitates easy assembly of a glass pre-filled syringe with minimal change parts and changeover time needed to existing assembly equipment lines at customer facilities.

Mr. Alagu Subramaniam, Senior Sales Director, West Asia Pacific Region,At West, we are committed to contributing to a healthier world by improving patient health through our innovative products and services. We are delighted to expand our NovaGuard SA Pro safety system offerings in India enabling access to a more secure syringe for treatment in innumerable diseases.”

Key Benefits of the NovaGuard SA Pro safety system include:

  • Compatible with ISO 0.5mL standard and 1mL long glass staked needle syringes

  • Comprehensive technical document provided

  • Tamper resistant function to help prevent needle recapping

  • Ease of use assembly on low and high-speed filling lines

  • Transparent for drug inspection and labeling

  • Compatible with standard or custom plunger rods

  • Functionality studies in temperatures ranging from -40C to 60C

  • Minimal impact for their use on pre-filled syringe assembly lines

  • Low activation force for end-user comfort in the delivery of drug product

  • Designed to not pre-activate during handling

Earlier this year, West announced its partnership with domestic Indian pharma company Venus Remedies Ltd., whose brand Cloti-Xa™ utilizes West’s NovaGuard SA Pro 1mL safety system, which is designed for use with prefilled ISO standard 1mL long staked-needle syringes. With its current launch of the 0.5mL version for the Indian market, West is aiming to bring more value to local customers and the healthcare industry. The 0.5mL offering is suitable for low molecular weight heparin drugs as well as biologic drug products being developed by generics manufacturers.

For more information on the NovaGuard SA Pro safety system, please visit:

NovaGuard is a registered trademark of West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc., in the United States and other jurisdictions.

Cloti-Xa™ is a registered trademark of Venus Remedies in Haryana, India.

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