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Why Boycott Uber Eats and Zomato

Mumbai: The tag Boycott Uber eats is now trending in India and many have joined the bandwagon. Uber Eats after supporting Zomato on twitter had to face a lot of furious comments from its customer and this also took a toll on Zomato.

On Monday an angry Zomato customer took to twitter that Zomato wasn’t changing the rider who was delivering his food. The user Amit Shukla asked the Zomato company to change the non-Hindu rider but the company denied to do so and on cancellation also, the company didn’t give the refund. The whole incident ended when Zomato replied with the statement, “Food doesn’t have a religion. It is a religion.” Gaining a lot of support from its customers. Its owner too said we respect and love the diversity of our country and even if it costs us loss, we won’t change our values.

Though this act gained some negative comments the number of positive comments shadowed the haters. But today morning when the people realized uber was supporting Zomato, some supporters of Amit (the angry Zomato customer) started tweeting against both the food delivering apps calling them hypocrites.

Twitter is flooded with the angry customers who believe both the companies are making use of the religion as a means of advertising themselves and that many of non-Hindu customers were denied of the halal food and this according to them.

Many of the supporters of apps tweeted saying comparing the halal food delivery issue with someone’s denying the rider because of his religion is a sad thing and it needs to be stopped. Some have also expressed communal views relating if the Hindu rejected food from Non-Hindu person offended the liberals but when a Non-hinds person rejected uber cab because of hanuman sticker on its back was considered freedom of choice. This according to the furious users is hypocrisy and a way to manipulate its users about how secular the companies were.

The banter didn’t stop there. In a post, a lady tweeted that she will not sit in the cab that sticks bright saffron coloured stickers on the car. It makes her insecure and that she asks uber to see to it that the cabbies don’t stick these stickers. She also said that the Hindutva group and their leaders are the supporters of katwa and called them rape supporters. As a reply to this post, one of the users said. “Funny how Uber didn’t take action on this when she openly called people of specific religion as a supporter of rapists.”

Another group of the Zomato and uber supporters have started a hashtag #Idonotstandwithamit which is now trending in India. These groups are found posting things that could support fellow delivery boys of the non-Hindu community. The people with this hashtag have logically retaliated saying, “People who are boycotting food from Muslim people are you going to petroleum since it came from Gulf (Muslim) countries?”

The Amit supporters have also posted screenshots of their mobile phones while uninstalling the apps. Uber’s reply on Zomato’s tweet was a self-made trap that could take a toll on their business and Zomato’s too. The person Amit’s (who started the controversy) twitter account who started the controversy is considered to be deleted his account as it has disappeared from the tweeter.

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