Why Supreme Court And Government Of India Banned Tik Tok?

Mumbai: Tik Tok, despite having millions of followers were gaining controversies over ever increasing manipulation over teens and young people. It had made its place in the middle of every group event or daily time-pass.

The US federal trade commission (FTC) had hit a fine on Tik Tok of $5.7 million i.e. Rs 40 crores on the charge of Child privacy law violations.

Addition to it, the app collects personal information even from children less than 13 years of age, that too without permission from parents.

Moreover, Tik Tok clinches more hate after a night of 13th April, when a 19-year-old boy lost his life. His name was Mohammad Salman.

Another man from Chennai was seen making a video where he was jokingly trying to slit his throat and then accidentally went slitting his throat in real and the video making rooted to lose his life.

Tik Tok is gaining its utilization on its peak. People went on a continuing day with making videos of acting, dance or jokes. The app notified its users after 2 hours of utilisation as the app witnessed more than the benchmark hands on the Tik Tok button.

The apex court of India dated 17th April now had ban Tik Tok after 2 years of birth in the year 2016. The decision came on direction by the government stating it promotes pornographic content and to save guard teens and young people from indecency path, the government of India has made the decision to put a halt on Famous Tik Tok.

India with this decision is not the only country to ban Tik Tok, previously Bangladesh, Indonesia was among to abolish the app.

ByteDance, who is the owner of Tik Tok has released 2ofme campaign so that to light on people that there are 2 sides of people. It tweeted saying, “#2ofme campaign has been introduced by our TikTok India team in
order to raise awareness about peoples “two different sides.” At TikTok, you can show your true self!”.

The campaign is based on the ban of Tik Tok stating there is one side of people with a happy face being along with the app and the other with its negative wall.

For 240 million times, it’s been downloaded in India. More than 30 million users downloaded in the month of January 2019 which is 12 times more than the same month in 2018.

Nevertheless, people who already own the app can use it ahead. The ban is only for not downloading for more users.

Although the ban is on downloading from the App store, the current users can use it further or even can share to others via sharing applications.

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