Why Would Rohit Get Five Tons In WC: Shastri On Alleged Kohli-Rohit Rift

Mumbai: Indian head coach Ravi Shastri has rubbed all the rumours about an alleged rift between Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma and said that in a squad of 15 players, there were bound to be differences of opinion.

He also praised the work ethic of the players and said how each player knows their role in the group.

“Listen, I’ve been around the dressing room for the last five years. I have seen how the boys have played and how they have complimented the team and know their work ethic. I think this is nonsense. I have been there with him and I know how to play him. If that were the case then why would Rohit score five centuries in the World Cup? Why would Virat do what he is doing? Shastri told Gulf News how they would partner together.

Pointing towards the atmosphere in the dressimg he said that it allows players to put their points across and even come up with fresh ideas for the betterment of the side.

“When you have 15 players in aside, there will always be times when there will be opinions which will be different. This is what is needed. I do not want everyone to be in the same line. You have to have discussions and someone can think of a new strategy again which needs to be encouraged. So you have to give people a chance to express themselves and then decide what is best,” he said.

Speaking about the side’s impact, the head coach said it was important to return the side and help them build a legacy.

“This team has the opportunity to do a fantastic job. We have a legacy like the West Indies did in the Eighth and Australia did at the turn of the century. This team also has the opportunity to leave that kind of legacy and they are already doing so, ”he said.

Team India will play their 1st T20 against visitors South Africa in Dharmshala on 15th September.

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