Will Expose Another Minister Of Thackeray Govt With Evidence: Kirit Somaiya

Mumbai: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Kirit Somaiya announced that he would expose corruption by a Maharashtra cabinet minister and present documentary evidence to support his claim.

He further alleged that Bajrang Kharmate, a close aide of Maharashtra minister Anil Parab, working in the Regional Transport Office, has 40 properties worth Rs 750 crore.

Addressing reporters in Pune, Somaiya said, “I saw Bajrang Kharmat’s property and farmhouse. So far we have given a list of 40 Kharmat properties to the Enforcement Directorate (ED) and Income Tax. Its market value is around 750 crores. Next This week, I will expose the scams of another cabinet minister in the Thackeray government with documentary evidence before the public.

He said, “On Wednesday, the Maharashtra government informally accepted that Anil Parab’s resort is illegal and should be demolished. He has submitted an affidavit to the Lokayukta and a copy has been given to me as well. I was informed. Was told. Was told that this affidavit has been approved. Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray and Aaditya Thackeray.”

He alleged, “If this all has been proved how can this man(Anil Parab) be part of the cabinet? He slammed Sharad Pawar by asking, ” Sharad Pawar gives a certificate that ED is doing encroachment or harassing people or saying Bhavna Gawali is innocent. I want to ask Pawar sahib that Bhawna Gawali has withdrawn cash 40 times from a Resort urban coop bank and none of the withdrawals is less than 21 Lakh. A politician withdraws Rs 25 crore in cash and Pawar is asking why is ED investigating the case.”

Earlier, on September 6, ED had summoned RTO officer Bajrang Kharmate in connection with a money laundering case.

(With ANI Inputs)

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