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Woman Says She Was Denied Entry At Delhi Restaurant For Wearing Saree, Shares Video

The video went viral on twitter and netizens called it ‘assault on culture’

Mumbai: A woman has alleged that she was denied entry into a Delhi restaurant as she was wearing a saree.

In an undated and unverified video shared on Twitter; a woman asks an employee at the hotel about whether a saree is allowed. The employee replies that “saree does not count as smart casuals” whereas the hotel only allows smart casuals.

Sharing the video, Anita Choudhary wrote, “Saree is not allowed in Aquila restaurant as Indian Saree is now not a smart outfit. What is the concrete definition of a Smart outfit plz tell me. Please define smart outfit so I will stop wearing saree.”

Criticizing the incident, a Twitter user Smita Barooah wrote, “Legally perhaps this restaurant is safe as a private place can impose their dress code on patrons. However, the fact that #saree is not considered appropriate attire for any place in our country is disturbing, to say the least. We have a messed-up concept of what’s modern & cool.”

The video went viral in no time. Saree being an outfit with deep roots in Indian culture, many Indians called it ‘discriminatory’ and ‘elitist’ rules of the hotel.

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