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Women in Tech: Three Ways That Would Encourage Women To Opt For Technology

India’s tech landscape has transformed tremendously, since the IT boom of the ’90s. Today many women across the globe are playing a key role in the top technology companies and are inspiring all of us to break barriers, push the frontiers of technology and reach for the stars even further than ever before. 

These women are not only empowering themselves but also a whole generation of women who are waiting in the wings around the world. As we celebrate International Women’s Day today, I would like to share my views on the ways that would encourage more women to explore, learn and be part of India’s fastest growing Industry-Technology.

It Begins At Home.

Overcoming stereotypes and promoting risk-taking starts at home is where it all begins. If I look at my own journey, I wouldn’t have been the woman I am today, without my parent’s supporting my dreams and ambitions at an early age. It is important for parents to have conversations with their daughters about how their passions, interests and skills would apply to technology roles and how they can further work towards developing these qualities.

It is important to encourage daughters to start planning their career path as soon as they know where their interests lie. 

Explain the opportunities available in Tech.

It has been observed that many women aren’t confident about entering the technology industry as they are unable to fully understand the breadth of opportunities available in the field. Women should be encouraged to attend workshops, industry meet-up sessions, that creates awareness and expose current female workers to more technology-related opportunities.

Closing the confidence gap.

When we start something new it is common to doubt yourself with a “Will I be able to do this? “or “Am I good at this?”. I think one should instead think about such an opportunity as a positive step towards growth. When you move out from your comfort zone it is normal to get such a feeling and it may look hard to work through self-doubt in isolation. 

Thus, one should connect with the people in the industry and work towards closing the confidence gap. Best way to overcome this is to have a role model or a mentor at work or in your industry that can guide you to accomplish goals.

The study shows that gender diversity brings out different perspectives and it can help companies perform better. In order to attract and retain more women in tech, there is a need for active participation from the women who have been part of this industry for long and could help overcome the barriers faced by the other women in the industry. It is crucial to help women discover the amazing opportunities available, provide good role models, and support the new pathways creating more access for women today.

The writer is Ms Arati Naik,  COO, Digisol Systems Ltd. (Views Are Personal)

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