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Women Should Fight To Take The Rule In Their Hand: Prianka Gandhi Vadra

Mumbai: While addressing the reporters here Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi spoked about the ongoing crimes against women in the country. From the last 11 months, there were 90 rape incidents in the city. She appeals to the government either to take the side of rape victims or take the side of accused persons.

” Government’s duty is to maintain the law and order in the Nation. From the last 11 months, there are 90 cases of rape in Unnao. The government should decide there side, whether to support rape victims or rape accusers,” She told to reporters.

Further, she appealed all the women to participate in every election in India then only the nation will respect the women power.

She told, “Women should get the power in government. I request all the women to take the rule in there hand from the men’s from panchayat to Vidhan Sabha. Women should fight to take the rule in their hand.”

Many rape incidents have been reported from several parts of the country, earlier in day Telangana police killed all four men accused in Hyderabad veterinarian doctor rape-murder case.

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