World Cup Final Overthrow Incident Involving Stokes To Be Reviewed

Mumbai: ICC World Cup Final was one of the most thrilling matches ever took place in the history of Cricket, well England lifted the Cup for hitting more boundaries.

Meanwhile, unexpected things were also witnessed during the match, were an overthrow incident involving Martin Guptill and Ben Stokes during the World Cup final which rewarded England six runs (2+4 overthrow).

Well, now World Cricket Committee (WCC) has decided to review the incident by next month the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) said.

“The WCC (World Cricket Committee) discussed Law 19.8 in relation to overthrows, in the context of the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup Final. WCC felt that the Law was clear but the matter will be reviewed by the laws sub-committee in September 2019,” the MCC said in an official statement.

The incident took place when England needed nine runs from three deliveries, was a throw from Guptill in the deep get deflected off the bat of a diving Ben Stokes, who was running back for the second run as the ball raced to the boundary and England were awarded six runs.

Which resulted in the match ending in a Super Over, which also was a tie and England were adjudged winners on the count of boundaries.

However, it was later revealed that on-field umpires Marais Erasmus and Kumar Dharmasena had erased England in their decision to give them six runs.

According to the rule, when the ball is passed by the bowlers, an upturn is counted at the right time, provided the batsmen cross, but since Stokes and Jose Butler were not, England should score five runs were and not six umpire Dharmasena later admitted the error.

The International Cricket Council has made a public statement about the controversial incident, stating that the “correct procedure” was followed when deciding to give six runs to eventual winners England at Lord’s on 14 July.

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