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World Health Day 2020, Thanking The Paramedic’s

"Health is a state of being well and free from illness"

7th April 2020, is reserved as world health day by WHO. This year’s theme as resolute by the World Health Organization is “Support nurses and midwives”

Everybody around the globe is praising and appreciating the doctors, the researchers, the biotechnologists in this corona pandemic.

This initiative of WHO is proposed to create awareness about the paramedic’s team.
I heard someone known to me postponing their surgery because it could be risky going to the hospital at this stage.
Now think about all the paramedics working day and night in the same circumstance.

The nurses are frequently giving injections and medicines to the patients, Midwives helping pregnant ladies to give birth, Dietitians checking on the diet especially the ones who are on enteral or tube feeds, Phlebotomists collecting the blood and smear samples of those patients.

Well, I personally think it’s a tough nut to crack.

Living their families behind and working selflessly for mankind.

Recall any of your hospital stay or anybody else from your family was admitted, other than the doctor performing their duties, did you for even once noticed these people.

“What will the hospitals do without them”, did this question crossed your mind?

Well if no, give it a thought now.

We are all in the same ocean drowning towards the corona problem. The only difference is some of us are safe on an island (staying at our homes) and the healthcare department and authorities are submerged inside the water trying to rescue the people not know how to swim.

Very specifically huge gratitude to the mama’s and maushi’s as we call them, who are responsible for keeping up the good hygiene ensuring more prevention.

This stubborn virus has literally been an eye-opener for many things we humans need to know.

So after-all this gets over and we are back to our normal regime and work lives, please ensure to express your gratitude towards each and every person working really really hard in this pandemic.

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