You Can’t Abuse Adani Or Ambani Every Time: Hardik Patel To Congress

Gujarat is gearing up for its next assembly elections in a few months

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Mumbai: Hardik Patel who recently resigned from Indian National Congress (INC) slammed the grand old party for misleading people about businessmen like Mukesh Ambani and Gautam Adani.

Patel further said that he wasted three years of his political life in Congress, people like Ambani and Adani had risen because of their hard work and should not be abused all the time.

He further said that just because the Prime Minister had come from Gujarat, it did not mean that the oldest party had to vent its anger on these traders.

Patel was yet to come out clearly on his next course of action amid widespread speculation that he would join the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

“A businessman rises due to his or her own hard work. You can’t abuse Adani or Ambani every time. If the PM is from Gujarat, then why take out your anger about this on Ambani & Adani? This was just a way to mislead people,” the Patidar leader was quoted as saying by news agency ANI.

He further said that had he not joined the Congress, he could have worked better for Gujarat in the last three years. “Neither did I ever get an opportunity to work while being in the party, nor did the Congress give me any work,” he said.

Gujarat is gearing up for its next assembly elections in a few months.

Patel’s one-page resignation letter, which he posted on his Twitter handle a day earlier in English and Hindi, criticized the Congress leadership, saying there was no road map for the people of the western state, non-serious and behaved as if they hated Gujarat and Gujaratis.

He further wrote that senior Congress leaders in Gujarat were not interested in the issues of the people but focused more on ensuring timely delivery of chicken sandwiches to the leaders of Delhi.

Patel had recently removed his ties with the Congress from his Twitter bio but said he was still with the party. He was also recently seen participating in a public rally addressed by Congress leader Rahul Gandhi in the state.

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