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Young Woman Entrepreneur Avani Shantanu Dixit Builds A Beauty Empire In Her 20’s

As the brain behind Avani Cosmetics Pvt Ltd, she has brought revolutions in beauty and cosmetics

A lot has already been spoken about how youngsters get into their chosen industries and how they take them to the next level of success. It is time to bring forth more stories and journeys of people, especially of women, who have been changing the game of business and becoming well-known names in their sectors. We couldn’t help but notice the rise of one such ace woman entrepreneur named Avani Shantanu Dixit, a name that has taken the cosmetics and beauty industry to greater success levels in no time. She owns Avani Cosmetics Pvt Ltd and is all set to launch her international beauty and cosmetic brand “Avanii.”

Avanii, under her company, has been developed with the aim to change the game of beauty in people’s minds with Italy-made, Sephora clean, luxury products. Being only a 23-year-old, Avani Dixit has proved her mettle in the industry, building a beauty empire at such a young age, something that has sent waves of inspiration in the minds of other budding talents across the world. She wants to guide other aspiring women entrepreneurs of the industry on how to build an international brand in the

“The key to making it huge in the world of beauty and cosmetics is to focus on branding. Branding cosmetics business and developing a solid cosmetic branding strategy can do magic to a brand and company even amidst fierce competition,” explains Avani Dixit. She further highlights that aspiring entrepreneurs must be clear on their brand, which is the perception of their company, their branding, the practice of bringing a brand to life, and their brand identity, the key elements their company creates for portraying the right image to their customers.

Avani Dixit says that it is also essential to understand what a brand’s competitors are doing and what are the missions and values of their brand, besides understanding their target audiences and customer base and developing products that offer value to people. Understanding all these elements, Avani Dixit says, can help budding women entrepreneurs to build their international brand in the cosmetics industry.

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