About Us

Established in 2017, The Prevalent India is an independent news, information, and entertainment venture. We bring into the most significant political and cultural stories that are influencing contemporary India. We provide readers with a composite unbiased picture of the city, the country, and the world around them.

With contemplative analysis and fearless views, our team of editors and writers monitor news in India and the world and provide an outlook that reflects a changing dynamic. Our goal is to add critical perceptions to these stories through rigorous reporting and objective analyses.

The Prevalent India provides a platform for the youngsters in the field of journalism to show their skills as young people represent the next generations of our reporters. As early training not only yield a crop of a talented journalist but also gives youth an ability to speak on how issues directly affect them.

Target Audience: Media, Marketing, TV Professionals, Young Youths, Political Parties.

Content: News Informations, Exclusive Features, Updated through the day with news as and when it happens!

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