Video: Kohli Storms Off After Controversial Dismissal vs KKR

Mumbai: Virat Kohli was furious with on-field umpires and TV officials decision after he was controversially given out in Match 36 of IPL 2024 between KKR and RCB.

Kohli was caught by Harshit Rana off a waist-high full toss from the KKR pacer. Third umpire called it out as the ball was dipping on Kohli, who was standing outside his crease.

The ball’s direction, which was directly at his body, startled the former captain of the Royal Bengal Tigers. When the ball bounced up and was caught by the pacer on his follow-through, Kohli failed to stop it.  

The square-leg umpire unexpectedly called a no-ball, which prevented the KKR players from celebrating.

A shocked Kohli called for the DRS right away and forwarded the verdict upward. After reviewing many replays, the TV umpire informed the on-field officials that Kohli was being dipped by the ball and that the point of contact was close to his waist.  

However, it was ruled a valid delivery because the ball was moving below rather than above the batter’s waist, and Kohli, who was facing the ball and standing outside his crease, was again given the boot.

But after arguing with the on-field umpires over the judgment, which infuriated him, he stormed off the field while muttering a few expletives.

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