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At 8 am in the morning thinking what should my article talk about. Facts and Myths, D.I.Y tips, winter hacks or the monotonous health and fitness regime saying one should take the stairs instead  of lift. Buzzwords like high fats, low carbs, only fresh and seasonal have been common to our ears but has anyone actually thought why were we born as humans? Eating to live or living to eat?

Our body is designed to Channelise each nutrient in its direction the way it should if the nutrition partitioning is correct. Now the next question in your grey cells would pop up : How will we know if it’s correct?  Answer to this is if there are no metabolic disorders. What are these disorders? They are simply caused due to disturbed hormonal balance and the main culprit is lifestyle more than the genes we own.

It is easy to boil down to everything on lifestyle and genes and find it as our scape goat for all questions. What should be the solution here? How to unlock the fat store and use the stored energy? No, hold on its not through keto or Atkins. Then what is is it and how to go about it would be in my next article. Till then ponder on the thoughts and keep counting the buzzwords.

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