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Cartier Opens First Mumbai Boutique, An Ode To Indian Heritage And Savoir-Faire With House Ambassador Deepika Padukone

Cartier announces the unveiling of its newest boutique in Mumbai at Jio World Plaza with their House Ambassador, Deepika Padukone in attendance to ofBiciate the ribbon cutting ceremony. Mumbai is the latest city to join the Maison’s international network of boutiques, a city known for its rich culture that combines entertainment, economy and arts all in one.

The Mumbai boutique, the second Cartier boutique to open in India after New Delhi, comes as a natural continuation of the Maison’s storied ties with the country dating over a century. Through the years, India has become one of the Maison’s key inBluences, helping inspire a new stylistic language through the exchange of design, craftsmanship, and stones.

Sophie Doireau, CEO of Cartier Middle East, India, Africa & Turkey, said of the new opening, “India is a vibrant country with a dynamic and youthful population that is both inspired by its heritage and poised to innovate for a brighter future. The launch of our boutique in Mumbai is a testament to the Maison’s commitment to a long-lasting relationship that has had a significant impact on Cartier’s craftsmanship for over a century.”

Marking a new chapter of the history of the Maison and India, the Mumbai boutique is an innovative conBluence of Parisian savoir-faire and Mumbai vibrancy. Designed by renowned Parisian design agency Moinard Bétaille, the boutique pays homage to its local heritage through bespoke creations and Binishes.

Upon walking through the boutique entrance, visitors are met with the emblematic panther emerging from a vibrant patina mural, painted in the Maison’s signature shades of red, gold and beige. From here, the journey into the world of Cartier and India commences, starting with the Woman’s Universe. A glance at the boutique ceiling reveals a handcrafted masterpiece, inspired by different forms of lapidary art and reminiscent of the coffered ceilings found in India’s most lavish palaces. Visitors are immersed in an ambiance similar to that of a royal residence, with spaces bathed in warm tones of beige, gold and champagne bronze. The regal atmosphere continues with a niche room painted in various shades of vibrant orange, a revered color signaling optimism, energy, knowledge and purity.

Visitors continue the voyage at the next salon – the Men’s Universe. This space resonates strength and bravery, featuring colors such as carmine-red on the hand-painted wallpaper. The bespoke wallpaper features a lotus petal repeated across walls, indicative of the energetic rhythm found in nature. Indian design is at the forefront of this space, with seating adorned in traditional paisley or ambi motif, complete with vividly colored kaleidoscopes. This salon invites visitors to dream big and break frontiers, just as the Cartier brothers did during their travels.

The next step on the journey brings visitors to the VIP Salon. An exclusive and discreet space, interiors are decorated to provide utmost privacy and comfort. Coffered ceilings inspired by carved wooden Havelis architecture frame the salon in a luxurious cocoon, while walls are adorned with colors including yellow to represent luck and success, as well as blue to signify life and power.

Gaetan Guillosson, Country Manager of India, said “The opening of the new Mumbai boutique signals an important chapter in the legacy of Cartier and India’s story. The boutique has been designed to reflect an intrinsically Indian sense of design by paying homage to local heritage through unifying worlds of architecture, nature, and vibrant colors creating an ambient space to welcome our clients and best showcase our most desirable creations.”

The Maison is proud to take part in a continuous dialogue of culture, savoir-faire and heritage, with the new Mumbai boutique shining like a gem within the international boutique network.

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