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Get Your Quest For Daily News Updates Gruntled With Niharika Times

Niharika Times has consolidated its leadership position as the fastest growing Hindi Newspaper and the leading Hindi News Website. They empower their readers with the facts behind every story by providing coverage based on in-depth research and uncompromising reporting. They go to great lengths to get to the heart of any problem and don’t stop there as well. They unearth every detail that elucidates the subject’s how, why, where, and what comes next. As a result, the readers are able to establish their own opinions on problems without bias. In a short span of time the parent brand, Niharika Times Group has grown readership in all major markets. Sabal Singh Bhati, acclaimed as the chief editor, is the man behind the esteemed daily in the Jodhpur Division, Rajasthan. The newspaper follows the credible and authentic approach making it the prime choice of the masses.

Seeing a decline in the circulation of all major national newspapers due to Covid, Niharika Times was launched in the year 2020 to provide stories and news that matters to the common public. One of the major reasons to start the newspaper was also to fulfil the need for the Hindi Language daily ‘Sandhya Newspaper.’ The word ‘Niharika’ loosely translates into English as ‘Nebula’ meaning Galaxy. It stands for precise, accurate, and impartial news presentations that have earned the respect and attention of the readers. In every circumstance they intent to strive to set the bar higher. The pursuit of greatness takes many forms, but the newspaper tries to be the best in every situation.

Being an experienced Journalist as well as State Secretary of the International Federation of Journalists Organization, Sabal Singh Bhati in his career has worked with some of the renowned print and electronic media houses which include Rajasthan Patrika and Dainik Navjyoti. The respected journalist made his first move by working in Rajasthan Patrika situated in Pali. During his initial years, he covered a lot of beats during his whole journey of journalism. Niharika Group, understanding the need for the Digital era launched the online Hindi Portal in April 2020. The e-portal covers a wide range of segments from politics, lifestyle, sports, entertainment, job, and education. It is read by those who have their own unique way of looking at things.

Niharika Group is the mind behind exposing several fake encounters that made headlines in prominent newspapers. Kamlesh Prajapati’s fake encounter case was one of them that turned the heads of people and made the Rajasthan Police vulnerable in the given circumstances. The encounter was done on April 22, 2021. Further, the case was transferred to the higher command on 31st May 2021. Niharika Times has made it’s worth recognizable in front of the public. The Hindi readers in the Jodhpur Division preferred to read the Niharika Times Newspaper to satisfy their news appetite. Along with regional stories on crime, murder, politics, and policy, the newspaper also managed to focus on National News. The aim is based on open-minded inquiry. They believe in asking questions, seeking out other viewpoints, and looking for better ways to do things in all of our work.

E-paper facilities have also been introduced on the online Hindi News Portal. With its descriptive power, effective storytelling formats, and original content Niharika Times is conquering the world of the news industry. And, in the future, they envision covering more such news that talks about the welfare of the society as they believe in delivering the best to the readers. Niharika Times seeks the truth and assists others in comprehending the world around them. They believe that excellent journalism has the capacity to make each reader’s life richer and more rewarding, as well as society as a whole stronger and juster. Every day, their purpose and values guide our work. They serve readers and society by acting in their spirit, ensuring the continued strength of our journalism and business, and fostering a healthy and vibrant culture.

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