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Good Samaritans India Comes Forward To The Rescue Of Migrant Workers In Need

New Delhi: Though it is the responsibility of the government to take care of migrant workers, the contribution and role played by Non-Governmental Organisations like Good Samaritans India “deserve all appreciation” for coming forward to help them by providing food, water, and transportation during the “difficult time” of COVID-19 pandemic.

From January 2021 till now, this NGO has successfully rescued 168 people out of which 74 migrants were reunited with their families. Some of these migrant workers were able to reunite with their families after 20 long years of separation.

Mr A.I. George Rakesh Babu, Founder; Good Samaritans India says that “We are planning to expand our reach throughout India to help more migrant workers. Starting to which we are opening another regional office in Odisha. I want to extend my special thanks to Telangana Government, concerned authorities, and departments for facilitating the infrastructure and other legal formalities.

“Though we don’t receive any direct funding or monetary benefits from the state government, it always assists us with all the legal aspects and permissions. Thus lending a helping hand to Good Samaritans India. All the government organizations and officials including the District Welfare Office, Welfare Department of Senior Citizen, and Disable, City Civil Court, State Human Rights Commission and police department always come forward to help us when we need”, added Mr George.

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