Netrack Secures the Data Center with Intelligent Monitoring

Advanced technologies enhanced the scope of intelligent monitoring in data centers. It can provide real-time insights into critical systems and infrastructure, proactively identify potential issues, and help prevent downtime and data loss.

Netrack – Creating a Secured Data Center with Intelligent Monitoring

List of things that need monitoring

Several essential things need to be monitored in a data center to ensure its optimal performance and uptime.

  • Under Cooling can lead to creation of Hot Spots there by damaging the equipment and lead to increased downtime; hence, the temperature inside the data center needs to be monitored to ensure that it remains within a safe range.

  • High humidity can cause condensation to form on the equipment, which can damage it. Hence Humidity has to be monitored regularly.

  • The data centers security, including access control, surveillance, and intrusion detection systems, must be monitored regularly.

  • Intelligent locking in data centers requires real-time monitoring, access control logs, video surveillance, regular audits, and physical security measures to prevent security breaches and protect sensitive data.

  • Data centers should have smoke, rodent, and fire detection systems installed, which should be monitored continuously for early detection of smoke, fire, or any damage due to rodents and automatic triggering of suppression systems to minimize damage.

  • Video surveillance systems are essential in data centers to monitor critical areas for unauthorized access, security breaches, and suspicious activity.

Legacy monitoring methods

Conventional methods are still used in a few places to monitor the data centers manually. It includes manually opening the lock, managing the power surges, physical walkthroughs to check equipment and environmental conditions, visual inspections of systems and infrastructure, and manual recording of readings and other data for review and analysis. For example, under the conventional method, if there is a fire outbreak or a rodent attack, one needs to manually identify the area of damage to fix it. Intelligent monitoring is a solution to overcome such hassle.

Need for intelligent locking systems

On the other hand, intelligent locking systems are increasingly used in data centers to enhance security. These systems typically use advanced technologies such as biometric authentication, access control lists, and activity logs to ensure that only an authorized person is allowed entry to sensitive areas of the data center.

Netrack understands the need of the hour; hence, it designed ilock as an intelligent locking monitoring solution to enhance the security of data centers. In addition, it features biometric authentication, access control lists, and activity logs, which provide real-time monitoring and alerts in the event of unauthorized access attempts.

The ilock system also integrates with Netracks environmental monitoring systems to provide a comprehensive view of the data centers security and environmental conditions. Overall, ilock can help prevent security breaches and protect sensitive data, making it a valuable addition to any data centers security strategy.

Role of intelligent PDUs

In the context of intelligent monitoring, an intelligent PDU can provide real-time information on power usage, temperature, humidity, and other environmental conditions, which can be used to optimize energy efficiency, prevent downtime, and improve the overall health of the IT infrastructure.

Intelligent PDUs can be integrated with other monitoring systems in the data center, such as environmental sensors, security systems, and network monitoring tools, to provide a comprehensive view of the data centers performance and health. By using intelligent PDUs as part of an intelligent monitoring strategy, data center operators can proactively identify potential issues, optimize performance, and improve the overall reliability and efficiency of the data center.

Importance of DCIM

Here the importance of Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) cannot be denied. One of the critical benefits of DCIM software is that it allows all monitoring parameters, including power usage, temperature, humidity, and security, to be consolidated into a single dashboard. This can provide data center operators with a comprehensive view making it easier to identify potential issues, optimize performance, and make informed decisions about future upgrades and expansions.

DCIM software can also automate routine monitoring tasks, such as tracking inventory and generating reports, freeing up staff time for more complex tasks. In addition, DCIM software can provide predictive analytics, using historical data to forecast future trends and help operators plan for future capacity needs.

Overall, DCIM software can help data center operators improve efficiency, reduce downtime, and optimize the performance of their infrastructure, making it an essential tool for any modern data center.

About Netrack

Netrack Enclosures Pvt. Ltd. is a leading server racks and cabinets manufacturer, providing solutions for data centers, networking, and telecommunications industries. In addition to its hardware offerings, Netrack has significantly contributed to intelligent monitoring through its software solutions and expertise. Its software solutions and expertise have enabled IT teams to monitor their infrastructure more effectively, identify potential issues before they occur, and respond to incidents more quickly. As a result, as the demand for intelligent monitoring grows, Netrack is well-positioned to continue leading the way in this critical area.

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