Saveetha Dental College Overtakes Harvard University’s Dental School and Becomes Number One in Research Publishing in the World

  • At 8,920, the number of publications from Saveetha Dental College in Scopus scientific database surpassed the total of 8,854 from Harvard School of Dental Medicine, on March 2023

In what marks a major milestone in India’s modern academic history, Saveetha Dental College, Tamil Nadu, has emerged as the highest publishing dental institution in the world, dethroning Harvard University’s School of Dental Medicine from the top spot. This prestigious dental college in India achieved this rarest feat when the number of its publications in Scopus, the worlds largest scientific database, rose to 8,920 on March 2023, surpassing the total of 8,854 from Harvard School of Dental Medicine.

A 35-year-old Indian institution beating the over 150-year-old dental school of Harvard University in producing research work, has garnered international attention, and inspired institutions across the country that setting global records has nothing to do with an institution’s age or location.

Saveetha Dental College is known for its unwavering focus, concerted efforts, and investments in research and patient care. It has a team of 75 top researchers. It has a unique curriculum that places a strong emphasis on training students in research and publishing. The collaboration between researchers and students has been instrumental in producing numerous publications in highly respected medical journals. In 2022 alone, the college published 12 papers in Lancet, one of the worlds highest-impact, peer-reviewed general medical journals.

Commenting about the milestone, Dr. N.M. Veeraiyan, Chancellor, Saveetha University, said, “Our unwavering commitment to research, patient care, and innovation has enabled us to become the top publisher in dental research. This achievement is a testament to Indias growing academic excellence. Though Indian institutions face several challenges in conducting research, including the need to pay a higher price for scientific instruments owing to multiple transfers and import duties, it is still possible for them to be a global leader in research publishing.”

Talking about the efforts undertaken by his institution, Dr. Veeraiyan said that research training given to undergraduate students is one of the key factors that contribute to the institution’s success in research publishing. “Students are taught research methodology from day one and are encouraged to present their findings at conferences and submit them for publications. This focus on research training has created a culture of innovation and discovery that has led to the groundbreaking research in dental medicine.”

He said that the institutions outpatient department also plays an important role in helping the students and faculty members gain necessary exposure that in turn boosts their research work. The college hospital serves 3,600 outpatients every day, and performs over 25,000 crowns and 2,000 General Anaesthesia cases every year.

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