Can Wireless Earbud Battery Be Replaced?

Wireless earbuds are becoming quite a rage, especially with the convenience they offer. Not only do you not have to worry about tousled cords, but their portability undeniably makes them your trusted companion.

The one issue, however, that haunts people sitting on the fence, who haven’t found their ideal wireless earbuds yet, is to do with its battery. While it is a fact that the battery for most wireless earbuds cannot be replaced, there are a whole lot of other things that you can do to make your listening experience seamless!

Do you really want to Change your Earbuds Battery?

If you invest in a good pair of earbuds, you might never have to worry about battery performance. It is prudent to invest in an earbud with longer battery life. PLAYGO T44, for instance, comes with a 500mAh battery, with a playtime of 20 hours with a charging case. With a quick 1 hour charging time for the bud and a 2 hour charging time for the case, you are well taken care of for a significant duration.

Another aspect to look for while choosing earbuds is to opt for durable buds. That way, you will ensure that the battery of your earbuds as well as other parts aren’t prone to easy damage. A strong and protective case, therefore, is also something to look out for.

Besides, there are a whole lot of seemingly small things that you could do to extend your earbuds’ battery life. Below are a few examples :

  • Stick to a charging routine

It isn’t a great idea to drain your earbud battery to the last leg before you think of charging it. Instead, make it a habit to charge them when they are not in use. Not only does it work better in terms of battery life, but also the fact that your earbuds wouldn’t give up on you when you need them the most is an added perk! It is, in fact, advisable that the charge on your earbuds should remain between twenty per cent and eighty per cent at any given point so as to avoid battery damage. If you are tempted to turn off your earbuds in a bid to save battery life, you should know that if you aren’t using the earbuds you aren’t consuming a charge. Turning them off, therefore, will not save you any additional charge.

  • Keep the case safely

Fiddling around with the case or dropping it could impact its charging ability. Instead, store the earbuds safely in the case when they are not in use. Hence you’ll be able to use it when required. That way you aren’t likely to hit a situation where both the earbuds and the case are out of battery!

  • Ensure that the buds are kept clean

Dust can often damage your earbuds due to wax buildup, which could even muffle the sound. Therefore, make it a point to keep them clean. A cleaning tool can go a long way to clear out wax. Remember to do it gently though, so that you don’t end up pushing the wax deep into the earbuds and damaging its driver! A small brush could do the trick of gently cleaning off anything stuck in the earbuds.

  • Don’t use it at full volume

Pumping up the jam isn’t the best advice when it comes to earbuds. Playing them at a low volume instead does a lot for the battery as well as your hearing health!

To sum up, some extra battery care can go a long way in keeping the battery life intact, making your earbuds last much longer.

Pro tip- While you may find some DIY battery replacement tutorials online, steer clear of them. You may end up damaging your earbuds instead and rendering them dangerous for use. As a result, the warranty on your earbuds will become inapplicable.

Here’s to long battery life for your earbuds and unparalleled listening pleasure!

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