‘FAU-G’ Is Released On 72th Republic Day, What Should You Expect From ‘FAU-G’?

On 26th January, the Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar had announced the release of the highly anticipated game ‘FAU-G’. This Indian gameplay is made available for only Android users as of now, and there is no confirmation from the developers ‘nCore Games’ to release the game for iPhone users.

The gamers & fans have been speculating the release date of ‘FAU-G’ since the day it was announced for the first time. After waiting for so long, the ‘nCore Games’ have released it finally and made it available for us. Also announced a great move of donating 20% of profit to ‘Bharat Ke Veer’.

‘FAU-G’ a.k.a ‘Fearless and United Guards’ is online gameplay that portrays the life of an Indian Soldier serving at the border. Currently, this game has released its first episode which is based on Galway Valley Tension in Ladakh.

What can you expect from this homegrown smartphone game?

The game has garnered huge attention from Generation Z & has crossed 1M+ downloads within 24 hours of its release. Initially, everyone thought that this is a remake of the Chinese game ‘PUBG’ however all these rumours are going to be false. As we have seen & read reviews from several legit sources, that the game is completely different from its rival. You will experience some new, & different themes, stories, actions as well as in audio.

The ‘nCore Games’ have said in an interview, a good chunk of time has been spent on the game’s audio. You will hear some Desi Slang on this game as this game is all about the battle against Chinese troops.

‘FAU-G’ has put its users in the shoes of an Indian army, and you will witness hand to hand combat with rivals, without a gun or a rifle fight. There can be other gun features in the future, still, no such news has been confirmed yet.

This gameplay isn’t heavy to play on your mobiles, FAU-G should run seamlessly on affordable Android Handsets too. The game doesn’t require a lot more space to access on mobiles, it occupies some 500-600 Mb storage from your device as of now, and this can be changed as per the new updates that will be made available.

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