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Genes2Me Launches CoviEasy “At-Home” Self-Test Kit for COVID-19

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Genes2Me Pvt. Ltd., one of the leading IVD solution manufacturer of India, is elated to announce the launch of its CoviEasy Self-Test Rapid Antigen test kit for COVID-19 that is easy to use and give faster results in 10 minutes. Backed by AI driven Mobile App, this IVD product delivers high level of sensitivity and concordance of more than 98% accuracy.

CoviEasy: COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Self Test by Genes2Me

CoviEasy has undergone stringent quality checks at ICMR approved Validation center and further received approval from CDSCO India. CoviEasy test can be easily performed by following simple instructions provided on the Mobile App (which is available on both Android and iOS platforms) leading to Automated Reporting of test results from this Mobile App itself.

The CoviEasy test involves couple of easy and simple steps as is conducted with a nasal swab sampling, wherein the swab first need to be inserted in the nostrils. The swab needs to be dipped in the buffer tube and swirl 8-10 times in the extraction buffer. The Buffer is then dropped onto the CoviEeasy test device which shows test result as either positive or negative. The test device also comes with a unique QR code for unique patient data entry and accurate report generation.

Mr. Neeraj Gupta, the Founder and CEO of Genes2Me Pvt. Ltd. while commenting on the launch of product said, “Now that many of us are opting for “At-home” test kits as our first line of defense against COVID, “Accuracy” becomes non-negotiable/most Important factor. We understood the need of the hour and came up with a test kit which is more than 98% accurate. Our Covieasy kit will provide almost the assurances of RTPCR with the convenience of “at-home” self-test kit. We plan to help the society with India’s most accurate kit and meet the requirement with our advanced manufacturing unit.

About Genes2Me Pvt. Ltd.

Genes2Me Pvt. Ltd., founded in 2016, is now one of Indias leading companies in the field of IVD Kit manufacturing and molecular diagnostics. Genes2Me has State-of-Art manufacturing facility for IVD kits and has worked tirelessly to provide people with high-quality IVD Kits and Point of care solutions for last so many years. It has provided lot of premium quality IVD solutions for COVID-19 such as Real-time PCR Kits, RNA Extraction Kits, Rapid Tests, Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) Kits and Multiplexed Genotyping assays. These IVD kits have demonstrated accuracy, sensitivity, and specificity, as well as the ability to deliver faster results.

All Genes2Me products listed above are by Genes2Me Private Limited.

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