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Tushar Rayate Via NextgenDigiHub Manifests The Goal Of Being A Digital Marketer

Being a digital marketer is not a game of play. It requires one to be analytical and business savvy with an inherent creative eye and curiosity, to develop the skill in the long run. Tushar Rayate, the founder of NextgenDigiHub Academy, is one expert in the field, who with his research in Digital Marketing is leading the ground with profound techniques.

Hailing from a small town, Dhule in Maharashtra, Tushar is a self-made man whose infinite desire to do something different from his counterparts made him experiment in such an inventive field. He dates the beginning of his journey back to March 2012. Coming across the term digital marketing, Tushar explored it in his own unique way. Sooner or later, he realized there was something fate had written for him.

Following the same direction, he collaborated with a number of companies, including Facebook, Google, and high-profile PR teams, as well as a network of agencies and clients with different brand requirements, giving him the boost and trust he needed. What was just a passion project, NextgenDigiHub, then turned out to be his most successful and priced venture.

Tushar has been instrumental in shaping the talk of digitization across the country as a market visionary, advanced and web-based media advertisement specialist, consultant, teacher, and speaker. He aspires to build a faultless system that will enable people from urban and rural areas to communicate.

He believes that one should keep learning new things instead of finding an easy way out. In his own words, “There is no one who lacks the potential. They just need a push to follow the right road. Years ago I gave that push to myself, and ever since I have not looked back.”

Making a major contribution to society by providing free Digital Marketing courses to individuals and giving multiple lectures at various MBA institutes, he has shown that giving talented and hardworking people the chance they deserve needs a larger heart. He wants people who lack resources, to have the opportunity to grow and hence is playing his part in the same direction.

With his extensive expertise in the field of digital marketing and during a pandemic that trapped the entire world in their homes, he converted the tough times into opportunities by founding NextgenDigiHub, a company that trains and empowers individuals with the tools they need to solve social problems.

The ‘NextgenDigiHub’ is a forum where people can learn about and master the art of digital marketing. It guides and manages the branding and digital marketing aspects of companies and brands, in addition to educating the best digital marketers. They offer both online and offline courses in both Basic and Advanced Levels that can take a novice’s knowledge from zero to 100%.

The challenge, according to Tushar, is to carve a niche for digital marketing among the world’s other professions. “The villages can use social media and other digital marketing tactics to reach a larger audience, and our platform will prove to be a good tool for doing so,” he believes. In a sense of giving back to what he owes the society, he procures free education for the children of Indian Martyrs and believes that in the long run, he would be able to that for all the underprivileged children.

Keeping himself motivated, he follows that regardless of whether he can or cannot reach large numbers in India, people will gain access to his skills and knowledge by taking these courses, which will help them develop their computerized marketing speciality.

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