I Really Enjoyed Playing ‘Salman’ In Bolo Hau Says Ankit Rathi

Mumbai: After playing supporting characters in films such as Fukrey, Singham Returns and 3 Storeys, Ankit Rathi is now all set to be the leading man in the upcoming film Bolo Hau.

The actor who has reached this far all by himself feels all his hard work and training helped him bag the roles

The actor speaks openly about the 900 auditions (still counting) that he has had to partake into the land the roles that he has garnered thus far.

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In a recent interaction with The Prevalent India, Ankit Rathi spoke about Bolo Hau which released on 15th January.

1) How was your working experience with Jhanavi Dharanjgir?

 I had a great time working with Jahnavi. She’s very calm and composed. Also, since she comes from an editing background. She is technically very strong.

 2) What is the first thing you do to research and approach a role?

The first thing I start with is by reading the script. I think that is the most important part of the preparation. When it comes to researching, I like to understand the background of the character that I’m playing. Honestly speaking, the process is more internal than external. One thing I do is, I try to find the similarity between the character and the person I am, this way it becomes real and I can blend with the character with ease.

 3) Of all the roles you have played in the past, which is your favourite?

There can’t be one favourite because as an actor you closely work with all of your characters and develop a connection with those characters. But playing Salman in Bolo Hau made me experience the joy of doing romance, action and comedy all at the same time. So yes! I agree.

 4) Is there a role you have not played but would like to someday?

 That’s an interesting question. I have played the protagonist in many of my projects, but I would also like to play an antagonist or a villain. I think a story is incomplete without an antagonist and I’ve always admired actors playing the villain in both south and Hindi film industry.

 5) Which of your roles were the most challenging for you to capture?

 I think I was a little nervous about the dialect in Bolo Hau, but understanding the culture really helped me in smooth sailing. I honestly feel that I am yet to experience a comic character and I think that is one of the most challenging parts to play.

 6) Tell us something about your character, you’re playing in Bolo Hau. 

I’m playing Salman in Bolo Hau. My character Salman has all the flavours of Hyderabad inside him. He is madly in love and knows no boundaries. The innocence of the character helped me develop a connection with Salman. I would say, I really enjoyed playing Salman in Bolo Hau.

 7) Following the current scenario do you think the theatrical release of Bolo Hau will be beneficial?

 Yes, I believe in the magic of experiencing cinema in theatres. Also, it’s been a while people have seen a Rom-Com in theatres. So, I’m quite hopeful that they will like the film and give us immense love.

 8) More than 900 auditions in your career, would you like to share something about it?

 I see auditions as a part of my job. I have never seen that as a struggle. I think it’s a great learning experience for an actor to play different characters and auditions give you that opportunity.

Bolo Hau, a Hindi Feature film where he plays the lead role of a Hyderabadi local opposite debutant Jhanvi Dharanjgir. Directed by Tarun Dhanrajgir film released in theatres on 15th January.

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