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Indulge in a Gastronomic Extravaganza at Fox In The Field’s Terrace: A Sunday Brunch Buffet with a Diverse and Delectable Spread

Bangalore – Fox In The Field, the celebrated microbrewery in Bangalore’s Nexus Shantiniketan Mall, Whitefield, invites food enthusiasts to experience a culinary journey like no other at their exclusive Sunday Brunch Buffet on the picturesque terrace – a feast that promises to tantalize taste buds and delight the senses.

With a reputation for offering a delightful ambience and extraordinary beverages, Fox In The Field now elevates its culinary prowess with a wide range of exquisite dishes meticulously curated by top-of-the-line chefs, led by the visionary head chef, Shankar. The Sunday Brunch Buffet, hosted at the exquisite terrace, offers an array of flavours, all aimed at creating an unforgettable dining experience for patrons.

Delve into the rich tapestry of North Indian cuisine with the live chat counter at the Sunday Brunch, where delectable regional favourites like tangy Golgappa, scrumptious Papri Chaat, and spicy Aloo Tikki await to transport diners to the streets of Delhi. Relish the aromatic and flavorful Biryani, cooked to perfection with the finest ingredients, reflecting the culinary heritage of Hyderabad.

Vegetarian aficionados will be delighted to savour the sumptuous Baby Cheese Ball, a creamy and luscious cottage cheese curry that melts in the mouth, accompanied by the evergreen Chilly Cauliflower, an all-time Indian classic that balances spices and flavours with finesse.

For those seeking a blend of flavours, the menu presents a diverse assortment of dishes that include the lip-smacking Andra Chilly Chicken, a succulent preparation marinated with spices and grilled to perfection, and the Lehsuni Murg Tikka, a rich and velvety curry that remains a timeless favourite.

The gastronomic journey doesn’t end there. Delight in the refreshing and flavorful South Indian delicacies. Experience the soulful taste of traditional Kori Roti with Chicken Curry, bringing alive the essence of South India’s culinary heritage.

Indulge in the finest selection of desserts that will leave patrons with a sweet lasting memory. From the decadent Gulab Jamun, soft and syrupy, to the mouthwatering Gajar Halwa, the dessert offerings at Fox In The Field are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Founder & Managing Director of Fox In The Field, Abhay Kewadkar, expressed his excitement about the diverse offerings. “We are thrilled to present our patrons with an exceptional dining experience that goes beyond our exquisite beverages. With our passionate team of chefs led by the talented Shankar, we aim to provide a culinary affair that showcases the richness of Indian flavours and caters to every palate.”

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