Intentwise, An Amazon Ad-Tech Platform, Launches Support For Agencies And Brand In the Indian Market

Intentwise Enables Businesses to Maximize their Amazon Advertising Returns

Mumbai: Intentwise is a technology platform that helps brands/sellers and agencies accelerate their Amazon advertising success. With its in-depth recommendations and automation, managing Amazon advertising efficiently at scale couldn’t be easier. The technology platform is layered with a robust support infrastructure to maximize client success. Experienced veterans from the advertising industry built the Intentwise platform. 

Raghu Kashyap, CTO & Co-founder, said, “Amazon is continuing to expand its advertising capabilities. Amazon generated over $14B in advertising revenue in 2019. In fact, in Q1 2020,  Amazon advertising revenue grew by 44%. Our goal is to help brands, sellers and agencies make the most of this new wave.” Additionally, he highlighted that their current clients have already witnessed a 50+% reduction in time and 30+% improvement in advertising cost of sale (ACOS) by utilizing the Intentwise Platform.

Furthermore, Raghu added, “Right now our global customer base includes digital agencies, brands, and sellers. With India being among the top growth markets for Amazon, it is a priority market for us. We have already signed up over a dozen digital agencies. We are looking forward to substantial growth in this market.”

With Amazon advertising gaining prominence, companies are increasingly looking to leverage this growth. Intentwise can help them grow through its robust technology platform that enables scale and efficiency.

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