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Look After Ravishing Loka’s Latest Signature’19 Collection

The brand indulges in the epiphany of colours and the beauty of the transition to bring a collection that is cohesive yet spirited

LOKA is a luxurious pret’ clothing label established in 2013 by Veerali Raveshia. Started with a ‘thought’; rooted in a belief that self-identity is the most genuine form of self-expression.

‘LOKA’ in Sanskrit means ‘WORLD’. In a world of abundance where one is constantly spoilt for choice, the only real connection that matters is the one, which you have with yourself. “Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful.” LOKA is for the woman who embraces and celebrates her distinct identity. Our clothes are a means of expression for this woman.

“Every collection we design draws inspiration from our heritage making archaic silhouettes and patterns relevant to the global, multifaceted women of today. We work with local artisans and craftsmen bringing forth the authenticity inherent in our culture and traditions. The use of bold colours in our designs radiates a feeling of warmth and confidence. Our brand aesthetic lends itself to creating a garment that is classic yet versatile in form.

Intricate embroideries, attention to detail, natural quality fabrics that characterize a ‘handcrafted’ product, strengthen ‘LOKA’S premise that true luxury lies in a slow fashion that appreciates over time.”

“We are ROOTED yet ADAPTIVE, We are TIMELESS yet MODERN.”- Veerali Raveisha

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