Rabi Parizada Switching Off Entertainment Industry, After Her Private Pictures Leaked

Mumbai: Rabi Parizada is a Pakistani pop singer and television host. She gained spotlight after an interview in which she criticized Bollywood films and actor Salman Khan, blaming then for promoting crimes amongst the youth. 

On Monday, Rabi Parizada announced that she has decided to quit the entertainment industry after her private pictures git leaked online. Her private pictures and videos became viral. And people even trolled her on social media. 

Rabi Parizada took Twitter and wrote, “Rabi Parizada quitting showbiz. May Allah forgive my sins. And soften the heart of people in my favour.” 

According to the reports, Rabi has lodged the complaint with the Federal Investigation Agency, over the leaves content that went viral. Earlier, she had made a headline for threatening India Prime Minister Narendra Modi, she warned Modi with suicide attacks. Rabi posted a photo donning what appeared to be suicide jacket with a caption warning Modi over Kashmir #ModiHitlerJustWishHuh  #kashmirkibeti.

Not only this, she even tried to threaten Modi with snakes and crocodiles. She has uploaded a video in which she was seen holding a snake “All these are a gift for Modi. My friend will fest on you.” she wrote. 

This did not go down with wildlife authorities. She was asked to pay fine for illegal captivity of reptiles.

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