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ScamBreaking: Unmasking The Dreaded, Heinous, And Notorious, With One Credible News At A Time

Driven by responsible and fearless journalism, Scamsbreaking.com is a unique investigative news portal by International Media Corporation (IMC), an Australian news agency, to specifically cater to the Indian, American, and British readers. Focusing mainly on the exposé of economic offenses, the media venture will showcase news arising out of thorough investigative reports of these offenses. With ever-growing global trade opportunities and partnerships, economic frauds and malpractices are bound to take a rise. Scamsbreaking.com shall be bringing these very economic frauds to light in addition to correct perspectives. Envisaging an increasing demand for truth and facts of economic offenses worldwide, IMC will bring to you an exclusive feature of exposing the economic offenses in their true sense, which is set to surface as an interesting arena of fact-finding journalism.

True to its name, Scamsbreaking.com is a digital news portal with a mission to bring exclusive, reliable, and well-investigated events happening around the world. The investigative news portal aims to prevent the spreading of false news, misinformation, and the hushing of massive scams backed by intensive PR strategies, a norm for gigantic parties that have led to the choking of dissenting voices. In a bid to avoid the disastrous aftermath of these practices, Scamsbreaking.com will give voice to the unheard.

Besides launching a counter move against spreading misinformation by powerful people holding vested interest, Scamsbreaking.com aims to unearth these scams having catastrophic effects. It is not unknown that pests if left untreated do not let crops fruit. Likewise, misinformation, if not curbed, will not let truth see the light of the day. Publishing of unverified news on the internet has devastating cascading effects due to easy access for people today. It disrupts societies, industry credibility, and integrity of people. 

With a plethora of information available on the internet today, there is no certainty that people have if the information is true or not. Putting all their trust in the goodwill of major news and data publishers, people share whatever is shown to them on the face of it, rather than delving into the facts and truthfulness of such information. Amidst this, there are left only a handful of credible sources that are often overlooked. Like wildfires, fake news spreads quickly leaving behind no trace of what was once there – the truth. Adding to this is the easy access to the internet today, which can be more a bane than a boon if misinformation is not curbed. 

Scamsbreaking.com is making a collective effort to direct people towards credible information and away from the overflow of information. To cater to the increasing needs of trustworthy data and information, Scamsbreaking.com developed and backed by Australia based IMC, will present news with credibility and give access to the latest information. Scamsbreaking.com is also a venture to awaken the people and make them aware of the atrocities and gruesome crimes happening around the world.

The underlying purpose of launching this investigative news portal is to uncover the malignant criminals, thriving on their crimes with the backing of powerful politicians and bureaucrats around the world. Having unearthed multiple cases that etched irreparable damages to the lives of the innocent due to the spreading of unverified information, Scamsbreaking.com is aware that these criminals cause unrest and uproot the very peace that once thrived in the society. The victims often give in to the coercion or end up falling prey to the impulsive and evil campaigns planned against them.

A boon like no other, technology and the internet have led the world to a kind of convenience like never before. While it has given people the freedom of expression of more than just thoughts, views, and opinions, people tend to overlook the threats, some as serious as identity thefts, often posed by third parties online for purposes unknown to us. At Scamsbreaking.com, it is ensured that information, although easily accessible, should be used in a manner that is not detrimental to society. Thus, our game-changing initiative helps prevent the spreading of fake news, scams, and hoaxes from escalating into a crisis of significant scale.

Scamsbreaking.com ensures the passing of information or news provided by journalists through strict scrutiny and analysis by experts of respective and relevant fields before it is hosted on the portal. The latest updates will then be broadcast around the world to ensure the criminals are exposed, tried, and severely punished. To get good riddance of the era of fake news, Scamsbreaking.com is geared up to combat the spreading of fake news through internal processes that close out the chances of errors in publication, even if they are sourced from renowned media houses and journalists.

Being a global platform, Scamsbreaking.com would be publishing news from around the world. To ensure its credibility, IMC follows through processes involving detailed inspection and research regarding the credibility and authenticity of information forwarded and also gathering of relevant sources and evidence that would be duly admissible in the court of law of respective countries. Scamsbreaking.com follows a process of applying layers of filters to authenticate all and any data that is gathered, which then undergoes investigations in multiple rounds. Further, the concerned party is allowed to place their version of the story in the interest of transparency, equality, neutrality, and fair play. It is only after this that Scamsbreaking.com brings to you the information, that is true, credible, and worth sharing.

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