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Top 10 Tips To Grow Better Hair

“Your hair is just not the crown you wear but also the health you carry!” Who does not wish to have Rapunzel-like hair? I do! Do you? 

I am sure you must have tried it all, from high-end products to all Nani ke nuskhe, but lord the troubles remains the same, still, the frizzy hair, hair fall, brittle hair and the scariest one; Your hair just is done with life and decided to take resting vacation without even an inch of growth for months…Aaah sounds scary no?

How do you deal with this? How do you grow better hair? How do you rectify all those troubles and have healthy good hair growth? The answer lies inside you. If I let’s say restrict you from eating for days and ask you to run miles for me, would you? I know what you’re thinking, then how do you expect your hair to grow or be healthy when you don’t nourish it. 

So, next, when you wish to admire your hair, all you gotta do is follow these tips

  1. Get your Health Checkup done every 3 months: It’s important to keep a check on deranged blood parameters, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, or any sign of trouble in paradise! This helps you identify the root cause and rectify it without any trial and testing.
  2. Do not over-stress: I say over –stress because if you ask me not to stress Uhm… that’s quite a task but basic human stress response can be healthy but beyond that can be detrimental too. Stress is one of the major factors recently found to cause hair fall and also autoimmune conditions like scalp psoriasis which is a whole lot of other trauma. Process your thoughts and emotions, invest in some pamper time for yourself, BREATHE…BREATHE…BREATHE. 
  3. Couch potato-No; if you got perfect nutrition and a hair care routine perfectly set, yet something seems to be off. Check your lifestyle, is it sedentary? There is your answer. Ensure to have some form of physical workout daily. It helps remove toxins and improve blood circulation. P.S you can always opt for Yoga Asanas or workout which is specially designed for better hair growth.
  4. Stay Hydrated: Your body is 70 % water and if the leading boss is at stake how can you expect the rest of your body employees to work well? Get it? So hydration is the key to good bouncy hair and healthy hair growth. Drink at least 2-3 liters water per day.
  5. Ditch those sulfates & silicones, revamp your hair care products: How would you react if you get to know the shampoos and conditioners you have been investing all your life has ingredients that cause build-up on your scalp and hair strand over time causing inflammation, blocked follicles, and dehydrated hair. YES! It damages your hair which is one of the reasons the majority of women experience no hair growth at a particular length. Ditch those and get hands-on sulfate free and silicone-free products & opt for natural and safer products that suit your type.
  6. Oil Massage: Yes old age nuskha (tips),  Oil is thought not scientifically proven to aid your hair growth but it helps you with a good massage stimulate hair follicles for growth. It also helps moisturize your hair. If not an oil person no issues, your scalp has its own oil-producing glands i.e. sebum which makes your scalp oily every 2nd or third-day post hair wash. All you gotta do is give a good massage and let your natural oil do the magic for you!
  7. Minimize damage: For every inch of growth, you damage every 2 inch of your hair ends making it prone to split ends and breakage. How does it help? The way to minimize the disaster is to ditch those heat tools forever. YES, do not forget to trim those damaged and split ends cause it would cause more harm than good to your hair length.
  8. Make Satin your Sathi: Replacing your pillowcase with satin or even silk pillowcases will help you reduce friction and loss of moisture which eventually leads to dehydrated hair and increased split ends. You can also get your hands on sa atin scarf / Satin bonnet to protect your hair during traveling
  9. Deep Condition: I cannot emphasize more on the importance of deep conditioning. Dehydrated and dry hair is more prone to breakage and damage and it can even cause damage to follicles hampering hair growth. So  ensure a deep condition at least once a week.
  10. Get your Multivitamins: Consumption of hair multivitamin has shown to have a positive effect on increased hair growth and better health. Ensure your supplement contains Iron, Biotin ,and B –complex for effective results. Adding zinc can help reduce hair damage.

So, What are you waiting for? Begin your journey for healthy Hair. Patience is the key, you cannot grow hair overnight nor can you improve its health, you have to do your bit of keeping yourself internally healthy, keep following these tips & wait for wonders to happen!

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