135 Missing After Uttarakhand Disaster To Be Declared Dead: Officials

Mumbai: Over a fortnight after the flash floods in Uttarakhand, the state government has initiated the process of declaring 135 people still missing as “presumed dead” and issued a notification to that effect, officials said.

Out of 204 people missing in the Chamoli disaster, search and rescue workers have recovered 69 bodies, while 135 are still missing.

Following a notification issued by state Health Secretary Amit Negi on Sunday evening, the government has enacted the Birth and Death Registration Act, 1969, under which designated government officials will issue death certificates of missing people to their families or relatives.

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The notification states, “Under normal circumstances, birth and death certificates are issued to the same person where he was born or died. But in exceptional circumstances like the Chamoli disaster, if a missing person is presumed dead Is. Alive, but his body has not yet been found, in that case, the officer has been declared dead by issuing a death certificate to his family members. After a necessary inquiry.”

For the purpose of issuing death certificates, the government has divided the missing people into three categories.

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“The first category includes residents of the area near the site who went missing from the site. The second includes people from other districts of the state who were present on the site, while the third category included tourists or people from other states who were present on the site,” Negi said in the notification.

He said, “As part of the process, the family members will have to submit an affidavit regarding the missing person along with all the necessary details to the concerned government official who will issue the death certificate after proper investigation. The families of those people should Compensation. Missing giving will help.”

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