NIA Makes Breakthrough In Bengaluru Rameswaram Cafe Blast Case

Mumbai: After a 40-day investigation, the NIA detained key suspects Abdul Matheen, Ahmed Taahaa and Mussavir Hussain Shazib in West Bengal in connection with the Bengaluru Rameswaram Cafe blast. They were apprehended in West Bengal and subsequently brought to Bengaluru on April 12.

Tracing their movements nationwide, authorities found CCTV footage of the suspects in Kolkata and conducted search operations across multiple states. Shazib allegedly placed the explosive device.

Movements: In the Ekbalpur district of Kolkata, the accused can be seen checking into Dream Guest House on CCTV footage that investigators were able to get. They used fictitious names to stay at the hotel from March 25 to March 28. This took place prior to their arrival in the East Midlands area. Following their departure from Karnataka to avoid being apprehended by the authorities, the suspects repeatedly changed their addresses while lodging in a variety of motels and little guest houses. To avoid leaving an electronic trail of their identities and whereabouts, they mostly paid with cash. The discovery was made following 18 search and rescue sites in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Uttar Pradesh, which finally resulted in their capture in Kanthi, a small town 180 kilometres from Kolkata.

Ten people were injured when officials revealed that Shazib had detonated the improvised explosive device (IED) inside the Rameswaram Cafe on ITPL Road in Brookefield, Bengaluru. Taahaa is thought to be the attack’s mastermind. On March 3, the NIA took over the investigation and declared a ₹10 lakh reward for any information that resulted in the two suspects’ apprehension.

“The accused had been staying in a lodge in Bengal,” officials informed NDTV regarding the detention of Shazib and Taahaa.

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