India’s Unemployment Rate Is 2 Times That Of Pak Because Of GST: Rahul

Mumbai: Congress MP Rahul Gandhi claimed the unemployment rate in India is two times more than that of Pakistan as 23% of youth are unemployed in India and 12% are unemployed in Pakistan.

He said PM Modi was responsible for this as he finished all small businesses by demonetization and implementing GST.

The Congress MP claimed, “Today, there is the highest unemployment in the nation in the last 40 years,” at a rally in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. India’s unemployment rate is double that of Pakistan’s. Because Narendra Modi destroyed small enterprises by enacting the GST and demonetizing currency, we have more young people without jobs than Bangladesh and Bhutan combined.”

On the other hand, the Periodic Labour Force Survey Annual Report 2022–2023 shows that India’s unemployment rate was 3.2%, while Pakistan’s was reported by the International Monetary Fund to be 8.5%.

Along with criticizing the effects of policies like GST and demonetization, he also brought up issues of economic inequality, social inequities, and the predicament of farmers and young people. He said that these policies were to blame for the greatest jobless rates in forty years.  

The leader of the Congress party also highlighted the fact that 73% of people are marginalized, citing their exclusion from political and economic opportunities as well as their status as tribal people, Dalits, and Other Backward Classes.

Gandhi criticized the large-scale loan waivers for a select group of industrialists while ignoring the debt relief that farmers needed, accusing the national government of favoring industrialists over farmers.  

Prioritizing funding for important social welfare initiatives like MGNREGA is imperative, he said, emphasizing that money should be used for the general welfare rather than serving a small number of people’s interests.  

The yatra, a large-scale outreach project spearheaded by Rahul Gandhi in anticipation of the next Lok Sabha elections, made its way into Madhya Pradesh on Saturday afternoon through the Morena area. It is planned to pass through the districts of Ratlam, Ujjain, Dhar, Shajapur, Guna, Rajgarh, and Shivpuri.

The east-to-west Manipur-Mumbai yatra spans 6,700 kilometers across 15 states, aiming to spread the message of ‘nyay’ (justice) while engaging with ordinary citizens along the way.

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